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The group of research on biophysics


Research in biophysics in our physics department is mainly on the theoretical and computational aspects of molecular biophysics particularly lipid and protein systems. On experimental aspect, our work focuses on biomaterials used in medicine.

Figure 1: Possible pore formation by Cry4Aa toxin trimer


  • Dr. Chalermpol Kanchanawarin (Theoretical and computational biophysicist)
  • Dr. Jirasak Wong-ekkabut (Theoretical and computational biophysicist)
  • Dr. Weerawat Intaratat (Experimental biophysicist)

Current research topics

  • Pore forming proteins
  • Membrane binding proteins
  • Rotary motor proteins
  • Lipid systems
  • Water transport through membranes
  • Properties of water molecules in protein and membrane environment

Research Facilities

We have a state of the art computer cluster consisting of 17 dual quad-core Opteron nodes running Rocks cluster OS for doing Molecular Dynamics simulations using NAMD and GROMACS programs. We also have two visualization workstations each having dual quad-core Xeon CPUs with high-end graphics, stereographics glasses and large memory for analysis of large MD data using VMD program.


We work closely with experimentalists from other universities, e.g.

Selected publications